Completed Project - Computer Hardware Provision - 2020

Completed Project - Computer Hardware Provision - 2020
Technical Hardware provision to our Partner underprivileged schools across Maharashtra, India. This will include an 'IT' classroom for each school, with laptops for students. Additionally a laptop for each teacher, and projectors for classrooms to aid learning. 
The provison of hardware will also supplement our provison of our portal system that we have offered our schools. The schools that lack infrastructure, struggle to fully take advantage of the system we have created. 

In a world that is being rapidly digitized, why should we leave these students behind?

“The country is increasingly getting divided between people who have access to technology and those who do not.” says Suminjeet Singh in his paper Digital Divide in India. The digital divide is not simply an issue of access, but also of obstacles to use ICTs. The growing population, insufficient funds, affordability, and delays in implementation of government policies and programmes have been some of the challenges that have led to unequal development in the society, which is responsible for the digital divide. As a result, as a step towards modernization and transformation of education in rural areas in India, digital rural development plays a crucial role. 

As the scope of technology expands, its hand in improving education and training has also become more powerful. Unemployment rate in agriculture sector is 62 per cent (Planning Commission, 2007) , whereas it is only 16 per cent in the manufacturing sector, 10 per cent in the services sector and 12 percent in other job sectors. The better educated are statistically more likely to have and use connected PCs. 

As a result of the preceding research we believe that it is crucial that our students have access to connected technology to supplement their learning. 

Technology integrated into the classroom will allow learning to become more interesting and fun, additionally would provide greater clarity on subjects due to audio-visual supplements to teaching. This has been supported by projects conducted by Jawahar Navodya Vidyala schools, where they have integrated Samsung technology into the classroom. In their feedback provided they stated that it increased student attention, reduced rates of student absenteeism and increased student familiarity and comfort with technology. Additionally, teachers have also said that students were able to better grasp complicated concepts due to the digitally interactive environment. 


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