Completed Project - Road to Digitalization - Micro Website Implementation 2018

Completed Project - Road to Digitalization - Micro Website Implementation 2018
The first requirement for 'School Empowerment through Digitalisation' is to provide a digital identification to each and every school.  
In order to fulfil this, Touch A Life Foundation engaged itself in designing a Micro Website for each school. The first step was data collection: the team visited the schools, gathered all the data relating to infrastructure of school, location, photographs, information of Teacher's, Staff and Student. The second was to utilize the data collected to create an initial website structure. The third was to work the teachers and head master to confirm and refine the website structure. 
The maintenance of the website is handed to the school itself - so that they can use it accordingly for their needs
We at Touch a Life Foundation have recognised the strong will power of schools, staff, and especially students, in ensuring that they work towards their education against all adverse conditions. By providing a microsite we wanted to provide these schools a platform for all their voices: so that they can tell the world all that they've achieved and how others can do the same. This MicroSite also calls to other potential corporations that would like to help connect with us to continue to help other schools grow and develop! 
This project is key in our attempt to digitalize the schools. It benefits the schools in several ways: 
1. Schools have an individual identity online 
2. Schools have a platform to collect and present all their records and data
3. It allows the capturing of salient features of schools
4. It also highlts the requirements of schools and students
Microwebsite of the schools captures information about the school, the students, the events taking place in the school, projects of Foundation, images, exhibitions, library, testimonies, contact information etc. Under this project we have covered  24 schools out of 31 schools that we are currently affiliated with. Microsites for other schools are still under development. As a part of training, we have trained teachers to maintain and support the microsites.
Teachers, staff and students are elated to see their own microsite. Running schools in such remote locations isn't easy, and the teachers now feel that the achievements of theri schools are being recognised. Till a few years back, no one had heard of these schools, but today due to our digitallisation efforts, the world is watching these schools grow and trying to find ways they can join hands with the schools to help them move forward. Our programme connects the students to the world, whereby global communicties can appreciate their efforts of getting education inspite of enduring all the adversities. 


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