Completed Project - Road to Digitalization - ERP System Integration 2018

Completed Project - Road to Digitalization - ERP System Integration 2018

Technology plays an integral role in determining the success of any type of organisation. In order to ensure efficiency in systems, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System is necessary - to manage information, resources, etc.

The kind of operations efficiency Touch A Life aims for is as close to a 100% conversate rate of 'money coming to resources reaching the students' as possible. As a result, Touch A Life has developed our ERP system in such a way that all data of students (including acadmic records, attendance) QR based ID card numbers, teachers, schools, donors, vendors, etc. are included. All the data is systematically captured and reports of projects / events can be extracted as per specific requirement. 

Once system is in place, everyone involved under the system can be assured of the best benefit for sponsors, donors and ultimate Donee. Teachers can now login to know the prospective beneficial programmes of Touch A Life and to manage their affairs in a better manner so that they can reach out to Foundation or sponsors to highlight certain issues and its resolutions thereof in a best possible manner. Apart from this, other participants such as volunteers and NGO can also login to the portal to know about their role, responsibility, performance and future assignments with respect to schools and their students.

Schools in these remote villages do not have access to resources to build their own ERP system and infrastructure, unlike schools and organizations in the cities. AS a result, there are many organization gaps and difficulties instigated by the lack of a clear system: this is something we realized as we conducted research at the schools for our initial projects. 
Digitalization would also help the students gain exposure to technology and allow it to supplement their educational journey. 
Schools and Teachers are delighted to see the information relating to their database being made available in the ERP system. Due to the ERP system, distribution of books have been managed in an excellent manner at the commencement of the new academic year so that students does not have to waste their time for the want of books: this system is also being extended to an endless number of new projects Touch A Life is undertaking.

Our ERP system did facilitate proper communication of information, which helped smooth implementation of School/Teacher/Student's welfare programmes. Schools would key in all the relevant data and the requirements, which would be verified by Touch A Life and then passed onto Vendors. This process allowed saving a lot of time and ensured better communication - as the schools are located in remote areas so information is hard to access. 

Due to our constant efforts, ERP has been implemented in 24 schools. It is an ongoing process, and we are still in the process of understanding and fulfilling beneficiary requirements. ERP system is being reviewed by respective schools, and comments from them are taken into consideration for further up gradation. During the next year, we will come up with upgraded version of our ERP system.

A key hiccup in our ERP system implementation is the poor availability of network in the remote areas. However, we are expecting this to be resolved by the Government of India's ambitious project connecting remote villages through net work connections. This will also help us grow our digitalisation programme. We are hopeful that over a period of time network connection will be further streamlined, which will help us in connecting to even more remote schools. 

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