Current Project - Bring School to Life - Toilet Construction - 2021

Current Project - Bring School to Life - Toilet Construction - 2021
Providing students with water, hygiene, and sanitation services. This includes the construction of water fountains, toilets - separate for each gender - with hand washing facilities, and constant health care camps raising awareness with regards to personal care and hygiene. 
Ensuring attendance at schools is crucial to India’s development, but the lack of sufficient hygiene and water facilities discourages students, especially girls, from attending school and completing their education. 

Studies conducted found that nearly one third of schools in India don’t have adequate toilet facilities, and nearly half don’t provide soap. Additionally, it’s estimated that in 2017 55 million girls went to schools where they were unable to wash their hands after changing sanitary pads. Being able to change and dispose of sanitary pads and wash their hands in a single-sex bathroom is crucial in ecouraging adolescent girls to attend school. And therefore, we believe that providing better water, sanitation and hygiene services, will translate to a better quality of education for the students.

Moreover, generally, approximately 20% of the population in India still defecate in the open. This is reinforced by traditional behavior patterns and a lack of awareness of health issues that can be instigated by it.

In addition to sanitation and hygiene, is important to also consider safe drinking water. Approximately one in four of the drinking facilities at schools in India are unusable. It is important to ensure that students are provided with safe and potable water to avoid the risk of bacterial infections that lead to conditions like diarrhoea, and thus leading to malnutrition, and even stunted growth and development. 

Overall, it is important to educate the children from a young age and cultivate good practices as they are willing and able to learn. School sanitation, hygiene, and water services must be provided to the students to ensure that students can live a healthier, happier life, and work harder towards achieving all their dreams.


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